Gobekli tepe writing a business

Wikimedia CommonsThe Gobekli Tepe dig site. When Gobekli Tepe was uncovered init changed everything we thought we knew about human history. Gobekli Tepe is a massive, ancient temple found in Turkey, built out of pillars organized into great stone rings.

Gobekli tepe writing a business

gobekli tepe writing a business

Curriculum Vitae Peter Turchin is an evolutionary anthropologist at the University of Connecticut who works in the field of historical social science that he and his colleagues call Cliodynamics. His research interests lie at the intersection of social and cultural evolution, historical macrosociology, economic history and cliometrics, mathematical modeling of long-term social processes, and the construction and analysis of historical databases.

Currently he investigates a set of broad and interrelated questions. How do human societies evolve? In particular, what processes explain the evolution of ultrasociality—our capacity to cooperate in huge anonymous societies of millions?

Why do we see such a staggering degree of inequality in economic performance and effectiveness of governance among nations? Turchin uses the theoretical framework of cultural multilevel selection to address these questions. Currently his main research effort is directed at coordinating the Seshat Databank projectwhich builds a massive historical database of cultural evolution that will enable us to empirically test theoretical predictions coming from various social evolution theories.

Turchin has authored seven books. His most recent book is Ultrasociety: Sign up for our newsletters I wish to receive updates from:Göbekli Tepe Excavation Site.


Prior to Göbekli Tepe it was assumed, that Sumerian society was the first advanced civilisation. 6, years before the invention of writing neolithic cultures carved intricate designs, sigils and images in stone, most of which concern themselves with farming and fertility. If you look at the site of Gobekli Tepe on Google Maps, it is clear even today that the river Euphrates changed direction some time in the past and that there was a large lake or swamp to the south of the ‘mountain’ called potbelly hill.

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%%EST%%. “ T his is the first human-built holy place,” Klaus Schmidt, the late director of excavation at Göbekli Tepe, once said of the ancient Anatolian site. It is a powerful statement, but belying the grandiose imagery is the reality on the ground. So the following links between Gobekli Tepe, a hunter site and Native Americans (probably still living in a paleolithic lifestyle before the Old World erupted on its shores), shouldn't be very surprising for anyone familiar with mythology.

Gobekli Tepe is an unprepossessing archaeological site in Northern Mesopotamia – the area between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. No postcards of the site are on sale and no guidebooks.

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