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To be considered for the program, students must have a STEM undergraduate degree or background in a. Find out information on entry. Foundation Coursesall required; each 3 credits. Students with no prior business courses may need to.

Nanyang business school mba essays writers

Moderate family control is defined as family owning majority stake and holds non-executive positions, or minority stake of between 30 per cent to 50 per cent, or minority stake of 10 per cent to 29 per cent but holds key executive positions.

Weak family control is defined as family owning minority stake of 10 per cent to 29 per cent and holds non-executive positions.


To achieve its objectives, it has mechanisms in place offering good practices in areas of five aspects; control, competence, motivation, accountability and monitoring.

Principles Applied For the purpose of this paper, I would like to focus on the competency aspect as it forms the basis of who we are counting on to look after the interests of the minority shareholders; the Independent Directors. The next few principles relate: If he has relations with the substantial shareholders, that will impair his independence in view, though he may be independent in fact.

The practice to have separate persons occupying the Chairman and CEO position is desirable; Chairman heads the Board of Directors and their responsibility is to oversee the management team running the day-to-day operations of the company, whereas CEO heads the management team.

The purpose is to provide shareholders with an additional safety net so that their interests will not be expropriated by the majority shareholders of a family business whom most likely hold the key executive positions within the family members.

A nominating committee NC should be established by the Board nanyang business school mba essays writers should comprise at least three directors, the majority of whom, including the NC Chairman, should be independent.

This principle works fine in public listed companies as their Board usually will be bigger. However, in family-owned firms, it is likely that their Board is small. The purpose of the NC is to enhance the objectivity and independence of decision-making process during which other directors such as executive directors or directors related to major shareholders may face significant conflicts.

If the Board consists of only four or five directors, it does not make much sense that a NC be set up from it as it will just be a mere ompliance to the SCCG in form, but not in substance as the NC would essentially be made up of most or all of those on Board.

Next, in view of some important roles the NC undertakes, including but not limited to; recommending membership of Board Committee, succession planning for Chairman, CEO and other directors, and determining the independence of directors, one ponders if the NC should be a stand-alone committee instead of selecting from the Board.

For example, succession plannng for the CEO is often included as a responsibility of the NC, but this talent management issue is to be considered together with the senior executive remuneration under the Remuneration Committee RC.

Even if we were to give it the benefit of doubt that the Board size is sufficiently represented to have a stand-alone NC, there has to be significant demarcation of the duties and responsibilities of the NC from that of the RC or other committees, such that it reduces the interaction between the NC and other Board committees, for it to be really independent.

Effectiveness of Singapore Code of Corporate Governance From the above three principles, we can conclude that the SCCG relies heavily on the role of independent directors to strengthen corporate governance in companies, including family-owned listed companies. With reference to the context of family-owned firms where there is concentration of powers, we shall make the assumption that the majority shareholders of the family members do hold key executive positions, hence a strong family control type.

Independent directors are nominated by the NC, which would probably consist of the family members of the family-owned firm, whom may also be the majority shareholders or even the CEO.

Hence, it is not necessary that Principle 4 is adhered to, when the NC is not independent of family relations! The independent directors would then feel indebted to the family members on the NC who nominated their appointment, and their inclination to protect the interests of minority shareholders would be compromised.

Instead of an arms-length relationship, there was a collegial relationship between the Board and management. One apparent concern is that most of these directors have multiple board representations, i.

The amount of time that these independent directors can commit to the duty as an independent director is largely limited. They have to rely primarily on management or executive directors for information. Conclusion In conclusion, the role of Independent Directors through the SCCG is at best, an advisory mechanism, that seeks to instill confidence in shareholders.

It will be effective if, and only if, the independence are in fact and in view of others as well as their ability to grasp a good understanding of the amily-owned business operations.

Otherwise, it would merely be a compliance to SCCG in form, but not in substance. Family-owned firms in singapore. Singapore Academy of Law Journal, 23, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Code of corporate governance.

Nominating committee guide The active board of directors and performance of the large publicly traded corporation. Singapore Academy of Law Journal. Corporate governance and independent directors. Singapore Academy of Law Journal, 15, Tan, [ 2 ].Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore invites applications for its MBA programmes admission Nanyang Business school is the business school of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

It is considered as one of the most prestigious and top business schools of the Nanyang MBA.

nanyang business school mba essays writers

The Asia Business Case Centre (ABCC) serves many purposes for the business school at Nanyang Technological University. The ABCC is designed to be a one-stop electronic resource for writers and. The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business announced its MBA essay for i.e.

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