Risk taking alcohol and drug use essay

Our results illustrate a robust association between almost any type of substance abuse and an increased risk of developing schizophrenia later in life. It is a possibility that someone who is predisposed to schizophrenia is more likely to abuse drugs; similarly, individuals could be susceptible to both developing schizophrenia and substance abuse. The authors note that the relationship between mental illness and drug abuse is likely to be incredibly complex. Parental drug-taking and schizophrenia In a second leg of the study, the same group of researchers at Copenhagen University Hospital, led by Dr.

Risk taking alcohol and drug use essay

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Drugs and alcohol are part of the personal stories of most young offenders in New Zealand. International criminological and drug literature supports the view that those young people who use illicit drugs are more likely to engage in criminal activity.

These young people are often in households where drug and alcohol use is a normal part of life; where parents and siblings are responsible for supplying teenagers with alcohol and drugs and modelling behaviour and attitudes that promote binge drinking and substance abuse.

Judge Walker labels drug and alcohol problems amongst young offenders as an underlying cause of offending. In his view, responding to this issue in order to reduce youth crime requires a multidisciplinary, interagency, whole of community attack!

Cannabis is also widely used by young offenders appearing in the New Zealand Youth Court. We will write a custom essay sample on Drugs and Alcohol Order now More Essay Examples on There is evidence of new hybrid strains of cannabis are appearing, which, together with new growing techniques, and the reinvigoration of sensemilla,12 has meant a significant increase in the potency of this drug.

Also, the age at which cannabis is first used in the population is dropping, and the numbers of young people aged 13 to 16 using cannabis for the first time is increasing. Fortunately, methamphetamine is not yet a widespread problem facing the Youth Court.

The Youth Court response One significant Youth Court initiative designed specifically to address the effects of drugs and alcohol on the process of youth justice, is the Christchurch Youth Drug Court.

This is a specialist court, based on principles of therapeutic jurisprudence, and designed to enhance the opportunities for collaborative multi-agency work with young offenders. Young people with moderate to serious substance issues are screened by on-site specialists, and referred to the Youth Drug Court.

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The Court has shown good results in terms of reduced reoffending, and reduced drug and alcohol use. While the link between drugs and offending is difficult and not always causal in an obvious way, the use of illegal drugs like cannabis is a nonnegotiable source of concern for the youth Court.

Youth Court judges cannot resile from their duty to eliminate illegal drug use by young people, and to assist in the elimination of the illegal supply of alcohol to young people by family and friends.

Beyond that, our mission to oversee joint processes of accountability, restoration and rehabilitation for each young person will only succeed if comprehensive, youth specific drug and alcohol services are made more widely available.

If the enacting of healthy drug laws were enough to ensure that dependent young people received all the treatment they needed to return to society in a positive way, then the Youth Court could rightly be seen as the last word in therapeutic jurisprudence.

The reality is, however, that the Court desperately needs the support of other agencies and community providers to give young offenders the best chance of not completing the graduation to the adult courts. Not only has the drug problem increased but drug related problems are on the rise.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

There is no crime that kills more teenagers in the world then alcohol does. These substances affect the body in many ways, including the exchange of information within the brain, is slowed.

Risk taking alcohol and drug use essay

Using drugs increases the risk of injury. Car crashes, falls, burns, drowning, and suicide are all linked to drug use. The usage of drugs ruins the users looks, makes them depressed, and contributes to slipping grades. Although it is illegal for someone to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol under the age of 19, many teenagers do.

In addition to breaking the law, these teenagers put themselves into vulnerable situations, that can change their lives forever. Drugs produce unpredictable, erratic, and violentreactions that lead to serious injuries and death.

Many young teens get the wrong perception that using drugs will help them escape from their problems, in reality it only causes more. We will write a custom essay sample on Drugs And Alcohol Order now More Essay Examples on Even one occasion of drug use can cause the user to do something that they ill regret their entire lifetime.

Teens often move towards drugs for many reasons, to fit in, to belong, to feel grown up, to relax, feel good, to take risks, rebel, to satisfy curiosity, and because they have the misconception that doing drugs is cool. These feelings can be avoided by talking to someone close, like a parent, friend, or teacher.

These substances are a problem in our society because they prevent our children for developing into the future of tomorrow. Most people that use these illegal substance go on to doing more serious crimes such as rape, murder, and suicide.

What is drug addiction?

Drugs and alcohol have damaging affects on the mind, body ,and personality, it is advisable to stay away from them. Drugs are harmful to the human mind, and body in many ways, it is also capable of preventing the body, and mind in fully developing.

There are many types of drugs, there are drugs that slow you down, drugs that speed you up, and hallucinogens. Alcohol, and synthetic drugs such as barbiturates, and inhalants common household products.

Inhalants are commonly used by children that cannot afford to buy drug, they are usually inhaled straight from the bag or container the substance is in.The greatest threat to an adolescents health often come from preventable causes, this can be seen in the fact that adolescents have the highest rates of crime, auto mobile accidents, violence, drug and alcohol use and sexual risk taking than all other age groups (Gardner & Steinberg, ).

The use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs has negative impacts amongst the students who abuse this substances e.g. excessive alcohol consumption and the abuse of drugs are dangerous because alcohol and drug abuse can affect health and ability to function and think properly, almost every system in the body can be negatively affected by use .

Essay on Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Running Head: DRUG & ALCOHOL ADDICTION Drug & Alcohol Addiction Even though drug and alcohol addiction is the repeated and excessive use of drugs and alcohol to achieve a certain effect, which involves two components: physical and psychological dependency, they both can be treated.

Community and Culture Play a Role in Determining the Risk for Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Essay D. Berkeley Ortize Since illicit drug use and alcohol consumption has declined, many prescriptions and over the counter medication are used to get high by taking inappropriate doses.

Regardless of your upbringing or moral code, many factors can raise your risk of becoming addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Your genetics, environment, medical history, and age all play a role.

Risk taking alcohol and drug use essay

Certain types of drugs, and methods of using them, are also more addictive than others. Finally, the abuse of alcohol or drugs might be seen as a marker for high-risk sexual activity, even in the absence of any causal relationship of substance use to high-risk sex.

Over the past decade, several high-risk subpopulations have been identified for specialized AIDS prevention activities, including adolescents and members of racial .

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