Write a short essay on winter season in hindi

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Write a short essay on winter season in hindi

Each season have its importance and role to play. To make students realize the importance of these seasons and to improve their vocabulary and sentence structure, schools ask students to write 10 lines essay on different seasons like Summer, Winter, Rainy Season etc. Sometimes they even ask to give 10 to 15 lines speech of above topics.

Here in this article, we are giving you, three 10 lines essay on each season and three short speeches or essays on same topics in English. The first section will be good for students of class 3,4,5,6,7 etc and later part will suitable for school students of class 8,9,10 etc.

Indian agriculture heavily depends on rain. Rainy season starts in June and ends in September. Earth turns green in monsoon. A lof new plant sprout up an grow. Rainy season is the best time to plant new trees too.

Rain gives us water to drink and use. It fills our lakes, rivers, and dams. We should save precious rainwater. Indian cities should use rainwater harvesting to save water. In the rural area, we can use Paanlot method to same water.

write a short essay on winter season in hindi

I love rainy season a lot. The smell of soil after that drizzle is mesmerizing. Everyone loves that smell. Monsoon is very important for Indian farmers too.

Most of our agriculture sector is depending on rainwater. Rain fills our wells, lakes, riversand dams. Some of its water gets absorbed into the ground. Later it emerges in wells, lakes; we can also pump it with help of borewell.

Our water supply totally depends on rainwater.

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Most of it ran into the sea, we should use rainwater intelligently. We can use rainwater harvestingpaanlot method to save water. This will reduce our dependency on water tankers in summer.

All earth surface turn green in monsoon. New plants sprout and grow, old trees get a new life. End of monsoon season is very good for trips. We can see giant waterfalls, lavish green plains, running rivers.

That is why I love rainy season.

write a short essay on winter season in hindi

It starts after monsoon season. December and January are the coolest months. Temperature falls more in northern India compared to the southern part of the country. Days are enjoyable in winter but nights are chilly. A typical winter day is shorter than night.

It is also a good time for trips. North Indian hill stations are favorite traveling places in this season. Winter also creates problems for poor people.

December and January are the coldest months in this season.The Manila Metro Rail Transit (or better known as MRT or Blue Line) has been the main mode of transportation of commuters traveling along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) in Metro Manila, gaining tremendous popularity since its opening a decade ago.

Latest statistics show that there are million passengers every month, with around ,, on a daily average. This chocolate zucchini bread is even more delicious than the kind made with flour! My family always requests that I bring a loaf over during zucchini season.

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What a coincidence and what a heart-warming piece of writing. I am a melodies-writer living in Melbourne, Australia and am about to write a piece entitled WINTER IN MONGOLIA and am so delighted to read your work.

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